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About my family
hen my daughter Hannah was 6 years old, we had thought about education for my daughter and two sons Arimitu and Nozomu ,but,We(me  Mr.HarutoYoshii & my wife Mrs Aiko Yoshii ) had no idea without sending my kids to the public(namely State-established) school.Then, the US-PCA/MTW missionary Mr&Mrs.Iverson and one of certain American-Independent missonary had sugessted to me some ideas about the movement of home-schooling in America.
   In the year of 1988,the education committee of  PCJ/TOKYO had  introduced about the Home-educational christian movement in America. (I had been continuously a chairman of  the PCJ educational committee from 1984 )But,When I 've heard about HS, I have to confess that we were real afraid of educating without public-shooling, and I thought the movements in America probably weren't sufficient for Japanese educational atmosphere, and,my neighbors said that there were no way without going go to school and we should be comformed to Japanese society by taking such accommodation etc.

   But the turning points were caused by not only tons of news of Bullies in schools,but there were also many kinds of HUTOUKOU which's meaning school-phobia which makes some children dislike going to school.Then,Japanese public school were standing at the crisis,and , it was very hard for some Japanese people to have a few hope of reconstructing it.A faint expectation for educational system has gradually deteriorated.Then,In my heart, the Bible said[That thou mightiest fear the lord thy God to keep all his statues and his commandments ,which I command thee , thou and thy son ,and thy son's son all the days of thy life and that the days may be prolonged(Det.6:2)], I thought there were the way which would be making a  kids-sacrifice to Japanese-school-cults (be expressed without-exaggeration)on the one side, but the other hand there were to start Home-schooling which was seemed to chioce the best way to make educatinal prepossession biblically.
 March 1988, we decided to home-educate for my daughter Hannah.As is the case with daughter, my my two sons Arinitu&Nozomu home-educated in her train.

     We had to had started the Home-schooling with two problems. The fitst was the matter of  curriculum ,and the second was the matter of [ MUST-GO-TO-SCHOOL-SYNDROME ] atmosphere in Japanese society. It has been producing [ HUTOUKOU ] problem which means dropping out form schooling seems that something like dropping out from Japanese Society itself.
So,I think it is too difficult to say that there is the same social positionbetween Hutoukou-chirdren and home-schooled ones.
 It was big problem for us how to choice curriculm.then,we used some kinds of curriculm in English,but at the last moment we quited to using it, because it was  unable for us to speak & write English as USnative-speaker. Then, We also had quited to stand in the side of educational prepossession at school.

  What are the presuppositions at school?
   For example,lessons of Japanese language are called [ KOKUGO ] in school,which simply means [ national language].it sounds like the propaganda of nationalism (or Emperor-centric- Sintoism )which is situated in the core for the education in Japan.
So,few Japanese doubt that the lessons of English had been transformd native English into one of the technique in order for student to pass the entrance examination.
     In spite of let the conception of Math be centered into an ability of children, tons of absutuction defeated a lots of interests.
Of course , Real christians should be afraid that Darwinism had been supporting as a critetia of biology in school.
Some homeschooler would be wondering how to homeschool or what kinds of curriculm would be choiced.but, I think it depends on each family's condition.
   Our family started the homeschool as unschooling.But, What is UNSCHOOLING which has the concept of some ambiguity or misinterpretation.
    Let me explain to you about one of better meaning of [Unschoooling].For example, If one of kids asked what the magnetic activities are,how would you answer for his&her intersts? Imaging you said  "Stop quickly, it is not important for you to waste the time of studying math or grammar by such  stupid questions.!" Then, we have to think that our mind be conquered by the squeeze of schooling-phobia you have been conscious or not. When children are asking me some kinds of concrete questions,I make my mind to focus on how to relate his&her interests with the other kinds of intersts.Maybe, If you begin to fell the questions of kids show you more radical studying routes than the other written textbooks,you are very standing at a starting point on the side of unschooling.
But,I think this is not the only way for every home-educators.

   Educatin would not be ameliorating by the rigid-educational-bureaucratic-systems in  Japan.On the one side ,Probably, Homeschooling movements are changing the systems into more flexible,But the other side, Bureaucratic systems would be going to find surviving way to centralization of administrative power of state.I was afraid that such bureaucracy begin to definite the meaning of homeschool or Home-education,and a lot of tests or reports are scared off some homeschoolers in Japan.

Some challenges 
    Disbelieving public schools has led to more home schools, church-schools and some kinds of free-school which are managed by Non-governmental accountant.
   I think it would be better for Japanese society to have a open stance for christian-school and homeschooling ,but the other hand we could find stumbling blocks which were trapped on the way for some home-educatores.
  One of such a trap has  mental-factor rather than a kinds of teaching materials.
  For example,the mind of competition which were existing to cover over the educatioanl BG which were caused by materialistic or the world-view influenced by the mind of evolutionist theory.Such a non-grata tendencies are overcurtaining every sphere of Japanese,so   Athere are no Japanese companys of broadcasting or producers of educational mateials without entwining by it.I don't doubt there is reignite old rivalries against public-school in limited church-school and homeschoolers in Japan.I think it would not be better for Japanese Homeschoolers to have such a competitive stance against schooled-sociery, which makes the birth of twin thoughts such as the mind of making educated-elite which was only influenced by secular utilitarianism and the mind of unschooling which has no educational planning.